Ofir Ventura is an entrepreneur with businesses in more than seven industries, including casino-based content and intellectual property, real estate, law, financial investments, sporting agency, technology, and the food and beverage industry. He owns Mass Story Law Firm, a law firm, two bars, gelato stores, and restaurants. He’s also a principal at MedElite Capital, a medical accounts receivables purchasing company and a licensed sports agent and general counsel at his sports agency. In addition, Ofir is on the board of directors of many software companies and an investor in most of them. A look at all the industries and companies he’s involved with, and anybody would assume he’s just another entrepreneur trying to do so many things at once, but Ofir Ventura is more than that. He started investing and collecting NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), or what some people call digital art. He has increased the value of his NFT portfolio by 727% the past 5 months. 

His passion and drive for NFT collecting has gone to a new level despite have numerous businesses. It
makes him happy and the passion that he has for it has never ever been seen before. Ten percent of his annual income goes to charities worldwide, and Ofir has revealed that he doesn’t do that based on religious inclinations but rather on personal convictions and moral values.

He’s passionate about helping people climb up the socioeconomic ladder through direct employment,
skills acquisition, investments and a host of other wealth-building ventures. He also wants to be the inspiration behind people actively pursuing their life goals.

“I enjoy working with people who radiate positive energy and outlook towards life. Loyalty, humility,
and intelligence are the qualities I want to see in the world, and I strongly believe that the world will become better that way,” he said.

Ofir is currently pursuing six related paths surrounding NFTs:

  1. Collecting using his personal wealth
  2. Collaborations with influencers, musicians, and athletes
  3. Shepherding his own NFT projects with serious utility,
  4. Investmenting in NFT startups
  5. Creating his own NFT tech startups
  6. Working on his favorite project, called CurArt.io which is an NFT management company for famous artists who want to take their real-world art and transform them into NFTs

Learn more about Ofir Ventura on his official website